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  • The Pain Gone Pen is a certified class IIa medical device. Read about how it can help treat painful conditions below.
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What is the PainGone Pen?

PAIN®GONE is a handy, fast working pain relief device shaped like a large ballpoint or fountain pen, and is just as easy to use. Unlike TENS, it has no attachments or batteries and can be used anywhere, anytime to help take your pain away. It uses a low-frequency electrical charge produced by crystals to provide prolonged pain relief which is clinically proven to work. It is a new way to treat pain problems without having to resort to treatment with pain killers or injections.

When the red button is pressed, the built-in generator produces a high voltage pulse for a brief period - this activates Pain®Gone. It delivers an electrical signal of approximately 15,000 volts and 0.006 milliamps.It's a fusion between TENS and electrocuting techniques, but with greater flexibility. Carried in your hand bag or jacket pocket, it can be used whenever and wherever the need arises, even through light clothing, avoiding having to undress.

How does the PainGone Pen work?

Pain®Gone is designed as a low-frequency unit (1-2 Hz), resulting in long-lasting pain relief. It can "click" as many as 100,000 times (approximately 2 years) with no extra expense for maintenance whatsoever - it requires no batteries or any other kind of power source and is not reliant on pads, wires or leads for its effect. A typical treatment session would consist of between 20 - 40 clicks per painful area, spread over several minutes.

PAIN®GONE transmits electrical impulses that are conducted by the peripheral nerves to the pain processing centre in the spinal cord (dorsal horn), helping to "close the gate", reducing the onward transmission of pain to the brain. Pain relief is also enhanced by the release of endorphins (natural morphine molecules).

Which types of pain problem can the PainGone Pen treat ?

PAIN®GONE is a useful method of pain relief in treating the following acute and chronic pain problems:-

  • Spine pain
    • Low back pain, thoracic pain, neck pain, sciatica, brachialgia, osteoporosis, spondylitis
  • Muscle pain
    • Migraines, shoulder pain, arm pain, buttock pain, hip pain, leg pain, fibromyalgia
  • Joint pain
    • Arthritis, tendinitis, tenosynovitis, and rheumatism affecting the shoulder, elbow (e.g. tennis elbow), wrist, thumb, hip, knee, ankle
  • Sports injuries
    • Ligament and muscle sprains

It may be used to stimulate classical acupuncture points (see Acupuncture), and also to treat the pain caused by myofascial trigger points (see table below)

Trigger point maps - Common locations

An example of neck trigger point locations

An example of buttock trigger point locations

Pictures of the PainGone Pen in action (Click on each image to enlarge)

What are the potential benefits of using the PainGone Pen?

  • Pain relief and greater ease of movement
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Reduced need for regular pain relief drugs / medicines / medications by incorporating it into your general pain management plan
  • Reduced soreness after exercises and stretches facilitating general rehabilitation
  • Improved pain relief after surgery and trauma (must only be used following adequate wound healing)
PAIN®GONE must not be used in the following areas / situations (please see manufacturer's instructions for use):-
  1. If you are fitted with a pacemaker, spinal cord stimulator, intrathecal morphine pump, or other implanted electrical device
  2. Epilepsy sufferers
  3. Around the eyes, front of the neck, or over the heart
  4. If you are pregnant or think that you might be pregnant
  5. Directly over metallic implants (arteficial joints), plates, pins and bolts (the type used to mend fractured bones)
  6. In areas of the body where there has been nerve damage, as PainGone needs an intact nervous system to function properly
  7. On wet skin or in damp surroundings
  8. Close to a supply of oxygen or flammable liquids
  9. By children under the age of 16 years
- Pain Gone Pen Flyer (7.4 MB)
- Manufacturer's Information Leaflet
- Manufacturer's Technical Information

Buyer Feedback

.....I just wanted to tell you how amazed, delighted and relieved I am with the pain relief..a serious life saver. I have used the pen on general pain areas and trigger points in hands and the relief has been amazing....... Mrs LS

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